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What is an easy way in Maestro to take snapshots of a selected rectangular area and save it in JPG, GIF, or TIF format? I want to use the image in a PowerPoint presentation and don't want the images to be too large.

You can save an image of the Workspace with Workspace → Save Image (from Suite 2010 on) or Maestro → Save Image (earlier releases), and save it in JPEG, PNG, or TIFF format. JPEG and PNG formats are relatively small. Saving the image from Maestro gives you control over the quality of the image. You can then import the image into a graphics program and crop it to the size you want.

There are numerous programs that will allow you to save the image of a randomly selected rectangular area of your screen. You could use a freeware tool like Captura, for example, which saves images in JPEG format.

On Linux, you can use the GIMP to capture a window, and then use the cropping tool (knife) to crop the image to the size you want it. Saving in PNG format with compression makes the image small, and is lossless (unlike JPEG).

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