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I have renamed some of the columns in the Project Table. When I export an SD file from this table, the fields in the SD file have the original names, rather than the new names I have given them. Is there a fix for this problem?

The renaming of properties in the Project Table is cosmetic i.e., the new name is displayed but the property itself is not changed internally, and this becomes evident when exporting. This is mostly to do with internal bookkeeping of properties and their corresponding values.

To change the name that is written to a file (the "internal name"), right-click on the column heading and choose Edit Name/Type. In the Edit Property Name/Type dialog box, select "Edit internal data" and then change the name. We recommend that you just change the Name field.

A workaround for releases earlier than 2013-1 is to create a new property with the name that you want with Property → Add, and then copy the values from the original column to the new column with Property → Copy, instead of renaming the column. You can then delete the old property if you like. If you then export the structure to an SD file it should have the new property name.

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