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Our license server is stuck with this error:

lmgrd is not running: Cannot connect to license server system. (-15,570:115 "Operation now in progress")

Why would this appear?

This error is typically displayed when the license server has been shut down or otherwise rebooted, and the license server application, lmgrd, needs to be restarted. This can be done whenever you have problems such as the above.

You can restart the server with the Diagnostics application, after logging on to the license server host.

  1. Start the Diagnostics application:
    Linux: Enter $SCHRODINGER/diagnostics in a terminal window.
    Windows: Choose Start → All Programs → Schrodinger-release → Diagnostics.
    Mac: Go to Applications → Schrodinger-release →
  2. In the License tab, go to the Server Status tab and click Start License Server.

If you are using Suite 2011 or earlier, or if the above process does not fix the problem, you can restart the server as follows.

On Linux or Mac, open a terminal window, set the SCHRODINGER environment variable, and use the following command:

$SCHRODINGER/licadmin START -l lmgrd.`hostname`.log [-c license-file]

On Windows, open a Schrodinger Command Prompt window (Start → All Programs → Schrodinger-release → Schrodinger Command Prompt), then start the license server with the command:

run lmgrd -c installation\license.txt -l installation\lmgrd.log

If you do not have Schrödinger software installed on your license server, you can use the following command to start the license server:

lmgrd -c license-file -l log-file

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