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I run Maestro on a two monitor system. When I move a new Maestro panel over to the second display its graphic area becomes filled with random pattern of coloured squares. The error message I get is:

WARNING MM_Primitives::FATAL!! d_circle_list is ZERO!
WARNING no error 0
WARNING MM_Primitives::FATAL!! d_sphereh_list is ZERO!
WARNING no error 0

The video card I use is a Matrox Millenium P650 PCIe 128 card. What's going wrong?

These errors and the types of display problems that you are observing are usually associated with graphics card driver or OpenGL/GLX issues. When we have seen them they are usually resolved by updating the video card driver. Also, Matrox graphics cards have not been tested with Maestro, so there might be problems with this kind of card that we are unaware of.

Keywords: Matrox, warning , MM_primitives, dual monitors, Maestro

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