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I have a samba share configured and can access * projects. However , I cannot seem to access a normal uncompressed *.prj project on my Linux share. Is there a way to get the PC Maestro configured to read the Linux projects?

It appears that there is some kind of permissions issue. The fact that you can access * projects indicates that you have read access to the Linux files. In this case the original * project is not actually opened, but its contents are instead copied to a temporary "scratch" project on Windows. The end result is effectively "read-only" access to the * project; since all the changes you make will only appear in the "scratch" copy and will not be saved to the original * project.

However, when you try to access a normal uncompressed *.prj project on your Linux share, this requires write access as well. Any changes made to the project using Maestro on Windows will automatically be saved to the original *.prj project folder. The fact that you are not able to access your projects this way suggests that perhaps you do not have write permission to this location from Windows.

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