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I use multiple Maestro sessions on different desktops on my Linux workstation and when the help is open in a different session, I have to find it and close it in order to start a new one. Is there a way to open multiple help sessions from Maestro?

This is only an issue for releases earlier than 2014-1. For later releases, help is shown in a native Maestro panel rather than a browser.

For a given release year, a single browser window or tab is used to display the help. If you have multiple Maestro sessions for a given release, each session uses this same window or tab. However, you do not need to close this window or tab to display the help from another Maestro session. If you are using different desktops, you can make the browser window available on whichever desktop you are using. Under KDE, you can send the browser window to all desktops, so that the window is always in the desktop you are using. Under Gnome, you can make the browser window appear on the visible desktop, so it follows you as you switch desktops.

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