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How does the Title field in Maestro get filled in? At times, it's the file name. Is there a way to set it such that the file name becomes the title by default?

If the structure file has a molecule name or title, this is used for "Title" field in the project table when the structure is imported. Since titles are not required, for those files that do not have them, Maestro uses the file name without the extension for the property "Title". You might be able to create a script to edit your structure files to make titles/names match the file name. If all your files are of the same format, it should be fairly easy to do with a simple bash, perl, or python script.

To make the title the file name, you can copy the property "File" to the property "Title" for all entries with a simple operation (Property → Copy).

If you import multiple structures from a file as an entry group, the entry group is named with the file name.

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