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I want to use Maestro with Acrobat3D, a tool that captures the OpenGL string and transforms it into a pdf to be used in PowerPoint presentations. Though Acrobat3D recognises Maestro as a 3D application, capturing doesn't work. I assume its a problem with the x-server, as capturing from Maestro installed in an original cygwin environment doesn't work either. Would that be correct?

It is likely that the problem is with the X server since the earlier versions of Maestro on Windows run in an X environment. However, you should upgrade to the latest version of Maestro, which is Qt-based and no longer uses an X server.

If you want to use Maestro in a PowerPoint presentation, you can download and install the ActiveX control that is available starting with Suite 2010. This control can be embedded in the PowerPoint presentation, and allows you to perform view changes on the structure that is exported from Maestro.

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