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When I use a Boolean operation in the Molecular Surface panel, I find that selecting "Low image quality" and "Surface Context: Selected Atoms" produces a reasonable map, however changing the quality to medium causes it to crash. The warning message I get is

WARNING check_residue: no template for residue 903 (BMA ), chain 'A'.
WARNING check_residue: no template for residue 951 (PGE ), chain 'A'.
/usr/schrodinger/maestro-v85207/bin/Linux-x86/startup: line 984: 32449 Segmentation fault

This problem, in Suite 2008, was related to memory allocation and thus was dependent on the "Image quality" setting. It is fixed in the Suite 2009 release. We recommend that you update your software to the latest release.

Keywords: crash , boolean operation , image quality

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