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I cannot write files or submit jobs from Maestro. The error displayed in a dialog box was:

WARNING mmim_handle_set_arg(): set operation failed: string not allowed for variable: qsite_ff
FATAL mmim_handle_set_arg_string(): error in setting string value.

What is the problem?

Please ensure that you do not have what we call a "mixed" installation, in which software from different releases is installed into the same directory. This problem might also occur if you update only some of the products for a given release. Each update overwrites many shared components, creating a "mixed" state for the entire installation which can potentially cause problems. You should update all the software for the suite. A mixed installation can also result if you install Desmond as obtained from D. E. Shaw Research into the same location as software obtained from Schrodinger.

Keywords: mixed installation , qsite_ff, warning, Maestro

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