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I am trying to run a blast search from the Multiple Sequence Viewer in Maestro. The job fails with the error:

"Cannot run the job. Please make sure you have installed third party components"

What do I have to do to get it to work?

It looks like you are trying to run the search using a local Blast server. For this to work, the Prime third party software will have to be installed. You can run the search using the Blast server at NCBI by selecting the 'Remote (NCBI)' option in the Blast Search Settings panel.

If you prefer to run a local Blast server, please make sure that the Prime third-party software is installed. The default location for this software is in $SCHRODINGER/thirdparty. Both executables and database will have to be installed. The executables are included in the Prime software download, whereas the database is installed separately (due to the large size) via a script:


It may be that all of this is already installed at your site, but in a non-default location. If that is the case, it is possible to point to this location using environment variables—see Setting Environment Variables for the Prime Third-Party Software and Databases.

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