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I am running a Windows XP virtual machine on a Mac, using Parallels. I get this error when staring Maestro:

WARNING This display cannot support the graphics settings needed by
WARNING Maestro. Please try a different graphics card or see if
WARNING your graphics card can be reconfigured
Maestro: Error initializing Maestro
Maestro: ** abnormal termination **

These errors indicate that hardware-accelerated OpenGL is not available, and this is normal when you are running a VM. However, Parallels on a Mac does support hardware-accelerated OpenGL. You should make sure that 3D acceleration is turned on, in the Parallels configuration dialog box under Hardware → Video. If this does not work, you can run Maestro with the -SGL option, which uses a software OpenGL library.

Keywords: Mac OS X, Parallels , graphics, Maestro, VM

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