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How do I label individual residues of a protein? Is there a way to add text in a free format to the atoms displayed in the Workspace?

Maestro provides several tools for adding labels to the Workspace. The tools are available from the Labels toolbar.

  • You can set up the contents of a label in the Atom Labels panel, and use the tools in the panel or the Pick to Label toolbar button to apply the label to atoms. The contents can include atom properties, entry properties, or your own text.
  • You can use the User Text button on the Labels toolbar to add your own choice of text to an atom. Click on an atom and then enter the text in the dialog box that appears, including any line breaks.
  • You can add a caption to the Workspace. Captions consist of text that can be placed anywhere in the Workspace, and do not need to be attached to an atom.
  • You can add a highlight to atoms in the Workspace. Highlights are attached to a specific point in the Workspace, as they are related to a particular atom or group of atoms. The highlight can include a text box with an arrow pointing to a location relative to a set of atoms.

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