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When I submit Glide jobs from Maestro, they always run at very low priority. Assuming that I don't want to nice my other processes down, how do I make it so that Glide runs with with a higher nice value automatically?

Maestro automatically reduces the priority of jobs run locally, so that they do not slow down a system that is used interactively. The priority is controlled by the SCHRODINGER_NICE environment variable. The SCHRODINGER_NICE setting is on/off (-19 or 0), so it cannot be set to a custom 'nice' level for a particular job or class of jobs.

Setting this variable to any value lowers the priority of all jobs and setting it to 'local' lowers the priority of jobs submitted on the local host. Setting it to a null string cancels the lowering of the priority. If you set this variable before you start Maestro, Maestro uses the value that you set rather than the default.

You can override your SCHRODINGER_NICE environment setting for individual command-line jobs with the -NICE or -NONICE option.

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