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I am learning how to use Glide for molecular docking. Where can I find a manual for Glide?

The Glide manuals are included with the installation. The Glide Quick Start Guide includes tutorials for grid generation and ligand docking, while the Glide User Manual includes detailed descriptions of the Maestro options for running Glide. These manuals can be accessed via Help → Documentation Index in Maestro, and also are available for viewing on our Documentation page. You can also view the exercises in the Glide Quick Start Guide from the Tutorials panel (Help → Tutorials).

Two other resources that might be of interest to you are the help facility (accessed via the Help buttons on various panels in Maestro), and our training videos (available in the Support → Videos area of our web site).

Note: Up to the 2015-4 release, the manuals were provided in PDF format, and could only be downloaded as part of the entire documentation set.

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