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Where can I find information about how to submit jobs to a cluster?

Setting up access to a cluster can be done with the Configure Schrodinger Software application (Help → Configure Licensing and Hosts in Maestro). Instructions are given in the help topic for this panel. For detailed information on setting up submission of jobs to a cluster, see Preparing for Remote Job Submission and Preparing for Batch Queue Submission.

If the cluster is not yet set up to run Schrödinger software, see Cluster Setup for Schrödinger Jobs for a summary of how to set up the cluster.

Note that you don't have to create batch scripts or run the queue executables (e.g., qsub) directly; once configured, our Job Control system will handle all necessary interactions with the queuing system and file transfers between the launch machine and compute nodes. Once the configuration is done, you can submit the jobs from Maestro by selecting the appropriate host for the cluster or queue.

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