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I am running Prime Structure Prediction on a Windows platform. How can I install the third-party executables and databases?

The third-party products needed for Prime are included in the installers. Once you have installed Prime, the third-party products should be available, and you can run Prime Structure Prediction with web-based BLAST searches.

You can download the full databases from our ftp site. The link is:

Make sure to download all the files. The download may take some time, as there are many gigabytes of data to download.

Once all the files are downloaded, unzip them into a suitable location where they will be accessible to Prime (but not in the installation). A program such as 7-zip will allow you to select multiple zip files to extract into a single folder. Then you will need to make settings to identify the location of the database to the Schrödinger software, and you should also update them to get the most recent changes. Information on how to do this is in the Installation Guide, which you can open from Maestro: Help → Documentation Index, then click on the Installation Guide link in the General section.

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