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According to the manual, the names of the Glide pose file properties should have the form 't_o_d' - type,owner,data. However, in the Glide output the item names have an additional one letter field which is usually filled by letter 'i' or 'r':


Could you explain how the Glide names should be interpreted?

The 'owner' for properties such as i_i_glide_lignum is Impact (abbreviated 'i'), the underlying computational program for Glide. This makes the data name 'glide_lignum', which is what you'll see in the Maestro Project Table. The Glide XP properties, such as r_glide_XP_GScore, were added more recently, so Glide was made the 'owner' rather than Impact.

Since various scripts (both ours and customers') depend on the older Impact-owned property names, we have not changed them. Also, having 'hbond' or 'lipo' as the dataname in the Project Table might not be descriptive enough, so it's useful to see 'glide' or 'XP' in the name.

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