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I ran a Glide docking job and the Monitor panel indicated that it had finished successfully, but I don't have any results in the Project Table. What's wrong?

The default Maestro behavior is not to incorporate docking results into the Project Table. This is because users might be screening millions of compounds. To incorporate the results, choose the appropriate "Incorporate" option in the Start dialog box when launching the Glide job. If you did not do this, you can import the results from the jobname_pv.maegz or jobname_lib.maegz file in the Import panel.

If you did choose to incorporate the job, then you should check in your current working directory for the file jobname_pv.maegz or jobname_lib.maegz. If it doesn't exist, then it's possible that no ligands docked successfully. You can check the log file for the job in the Monitor panel to see whether this happened.

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