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I expected the input and output files from my job to be in the .prj project folder, but they are one level up. Why is this?

When you run a job from Maestro, by default the input files for the job are written to the current working directory, which is the directory from which you launched Maestro (on Linux), or the Schrodinger folder in your documents folder on Windows. This allows the jobs to be run independent of the project. The results can be incorporated into the project by selecting the appropriate option in the Start dialog box.

If you want the job files to be written into the .prj directorym you can change the job file location in the Preferences panel (Maestro → Preferences). If you select the 'Project jobs directory' option, Maestro writes job files in the 'jobs' folder of the .prj folder. This folder is reserved for jobs, and running jobs from this folder is not likely to cause problems elsewhere in the project. If you are using a scratch project, however, the job files will be deleted with the scratch project unless you save the project as a named project.

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