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Is there a web tool to monitor the use of the Glide web interface - jobs submitted, in progress, finished - and to clean up the jobs directory after the jobs finish?

The Glide Web Interface is no longer distributed. Currently there are no web tools specifically designed to do these things. You can monitor the jobs using the Schrödinger Job Control Facility. All jobs submitted from the web interface are run under the user account under which Apache is running, so if you log onto this account, you can monitor jobs with:

$SCHRODINGER/jobcontrol (command-line)
$SCHRODINGER/jobcontrol -g (web interface to job control)
$SCHRODINGER/maestro (and use the Monitor panel)

On Windows you can run these commands from a Schrodinger Shell (which you can open from the installation directory).

To clean up the jobs directory, you could set up a cron job (on Linux) or a scheduled task (on Windows) to manually remove directories older than a certain date from your APACHE/htdocs/glide/jobs/ directory.

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