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When I try to start KNIME with the Schrodinger extensions, I get the following error message:

WARN SchrodingerUIPlugin Cannot checkout License: basic message='Error List Returned (-513,3038) ' message='Error List Returned (-513,3038) ; Unknown Host (-14,3033) '

What can I do about this?

The problem appears to occur when there are missing newline characters in the license file or extra lines in the file. These file issues do not affect other Schrodinger software.

One solution is to edit the file to add the missing newline characters or remove the extra lines. However, even with these issues in the file, the licenses are checked out correctly if a license server is used. To ensure that a license server is used, set the environment variable SCHROD_LICENSE_FILE to "@servername". You will find the server name in your license file after the SERVER keyword. If you have a $SCHRODINGER/license file, move it to some other location, then try restarting KNIME with the environment variable set.

If KNIME still does not start, send the tar.gz archive generated by the command



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