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On Windows, I'm seeing black horizontal stripes on the bonds in tube and ball-and-stick representation. How do I get rid of these?

This problem usually means that your graphics driver is out of date. You should update your graphics driver to the latest version from the manufacturer.

If for some reason, you can't update the driver, you can turn off some settings to work around this problem, as follows:

  1. Remove or rename the prefer.cmd file, which is in your user resources folder, %APPDATA%\Schrodinger\maestroNN, where NN is the Maestro version number.
  2. Choose Workspace → Molecular Representation.
  3. In the Bonds tab, for the bond outline settings, choose Display: Never and Width: Auto-scale.
  4. In the Tube/stick settings section, choose Show bond orders: Always.
  5. Click All in the Apply current representation to bonds section.
  6. Quit Maestro.

A new preferences file is written, which stores these setting, and is used in the next Maestro session.

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