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I saved my project with a new name. When I tried to open the new project, there was a warning message indicating the project is being cleaned and cannot be opened.

WARNING : MMPROJ WARNING(-3): mmproj_project_open():
The project project cannot be opened now.
It is being cleaned by process pid on host

How can I get my project to open?

First, check that the cleanup has actually finished. The message that is displayed shows the host and the process ID for the cleanup. You should verify that the process has finished on that machine before trying to open the project. (On Windows, use the Task Manager; on Mac and Linux, use the ps command in a terminal window.) If the project is large, the cleanup could take some time. You should wait until the cleanup finishes before taking any action on the project. If you want projects to close quicker, you can change the setting in the Preferences panel under Project → Closing projects.

If the cleanup process has finished, remove the directory project.prj/.mmproj-cleanup. You should then be able to open the project. Note that if you remove this directory while the project is being cleaned up, you risk corrupting your project.

If this does not work, the chances are that you have some corrupted data in the project. In that case, you should use the utility project_extract to extract the usable data from the corrupted project into a new project. Note that this utility does not preserve entry groups when the project is recovered.

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