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What does the following Maestro error message mean?

WARNING : MMDBI ERROR(-4): mmproj_dbi_db_open():
Failed to set the pragma
WARNING : MMPROJ ERROR(-4): mmproj_project_new():
failed to open the entryproperties database.
WARNING MM_DGOList::draw(void): Could not draw DGOList SurfaceMC, DGO SurfaceDGO

Maestro uses an SQL database tool (SQLite) which has some special requirements in terms of being able to "lock" files for single user use. Depending on which Linux OS is installed, the following folders have to be present:

/var/lib/nfs/sm (on SuSE)

/var/lib/nfs/statd/sm (on RedHat)

The permissions have to be set properly (700) and the owner needs to be the same as the rpc.statd daemon. These are system-specific directories and should not be accessible by users. The system administrator should verify that this folder exists and has the correct permissions.

Next, make sure that NFS file locking is enabled on your NFS server. You can enable it and check that it is enabled with the following commands:

/sbin/service nfslock start
chkconfig --levels 35 nfslock on

Also, make sure that all computing nodes on your cluster and all workstations have a /tmp directory and that users have full access to this directory.

You should also check that the /var partition is not full, which would prevent Maestro from writing to it; likewise ensure that /tmp is not full and is large enough to store the information.

If the problem persists, it could be that the problem is due to specific NFS client/server combinations, for which upgrading the OS might be the only solution. For example, there is a known kernel bug dealing with file locking issues in RedHat 5.3 (see This is fixed by upgrading the kernel or upgrading the OS to RedHat 5.4 or newer.

If it is not possible to set these permissions or upgrading the OS is not an option, you can try setting the environment variable SCHRODINGER_SQLITE_TEMP_STORE_DIRECTORY to a local directory, rather than an NFS-mounted directory. You can also try setting all of the following environment variables to a local directory (not NFS mounted):


The directory you set them to must be large enough to store an entire project. Setting these variables to a local disk avoids writing temporary data onto an NFS-mounted file system.

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