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When I submit jobs to a remote host from Windows, I get a missing directory error message in the Maestro startup shell:

Error: Directory C:\Schrodinger2009 missing on host

I have set up connections from Windows to the remote host and verified with the SchrodingerPlinkWizard that it works. Whats wrong?

In the schrodinger.hosts file located in the Schrödinger installation directory on your Windows machine you have to specify the path to the Schrödinger installation on your remote machine. Note that the local schrodinger.hosts file will be always copied over to the remote machine, so it needs to be configured for it as well. It does not help that the remote schrodinger.hosts file is configured correctly, because it will not be used in this case. For example, if the installation directory on the remote (Linux) host is /opt/schrodinger2009u2, you should add this to the localhost entry, as follows:

name:         localhost
schrodinger:  C:\Schrodinger2009\
schrodinger: /opt/schrodinger2009u2

The first schrodinger line is the installation on the local (Windows) machine, the second is the installation on the remote (Linux) machine. When this file is copied over to the remote host, the default installation is taken from the localhost entry. The first schrodinger line is ignored, because it does not point to an installation on the Linux machine, and so the second line is used.

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