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Article ID: 885 - Last Modified: January 4, 2012

When I start Maestro, I get a message stating that a valid Maestro license key could not obtained.

FATAL -10: Unable to obtain valid Maestro license key. MAESTRO_MAIN

FATAL got_license: could not check out a license for mmlibs version version
FATAL mmerr_initialize: got_license() failed

What might the problem be?

The -10 in the error message means that the license has expired. If you think that the license should still be valid, check the following:

  • the license file ($SCHRODINGER/license) is readable
  • the license file has a valid license
  • the license file does not contain expired licenses
  • you do not have a license file with expired licenses in the directory from which you start Maestro
  • the date on the machine is the current date (particularly after a machine crash)
  • SCHRODINGER is not set to a directory that has a license file with expired licenses

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