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When I start Maestro, I get a message stating that a valid Maestro license key could not obtained.

FATAL -10: Unable to obtain valid Maestro license key. MAESTRO_MAIN

What might the problem be?

The -10 in the error message means that the license has expired. If you think that the license should still be valid, check the following:

  • the license file in your installation is readable
  • the license file has a valid license, or it has no licenses and has a SERVER line
  • the license file does not contain expired licenses
  • on Linux, you do not have a license file with expired licenses in the directory from which you start Maestro or in $SCHRODINGER
  • the date on the machine is the current date (particularly after a machine crash)

If you are using a license server, we recommend that the license file on your client machines only contains the first three lines from the license file on the license server machine. This helps prevent the use of stale licenses from the local copy of the license file on the client machines.

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