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How do I uninstall a Windows installation of Schrödinger software?

For a clean uninstallation you should always use the installer or the Uninstall command. Do not use Add/Remove Programs or simply remove the installation folder. An uninstaller is included in the software installation, so you can uninstall it even if you don't have the original installer.

Windows 8: To uninstall the software, press the Windows key (on your keyboard) to display the Start page, then search for "Uninstall", and click the Uninstall application that has the Schrödinger icon.

Windows 7 and earlier: To uninstall the software, use Start → All Programs → Schrodinger-release → Uninstall.

If the Uninstall command does not exist or does not work, it is probable that you have already removed the Schrodinger-release folder that contains your software installation. If you do not want to reinstall this release, you do not need to take any further action. Otherwise, see Article 1757 for instructions on cleaning up before reinstalling.

If you still have problems, submit a support request using the web form at

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