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How do I distinctly represent two data sets on the same scatter plot in Canvas, to compare two libraries?

You can do this by creating partitions for the two data sets, and coloring the plot symbols by the partition value. The following procedure could be used:

  1. Import both data sets into a new Canvas project. (Having a new project helps with the creation of partitions).
  2. Calculate the desired properties for both data sets.
  3. Select one data set in the project.
  4. Create a partition with Partition → New → From Selection; select Create classes for selected and unselected rows, which will create classes for both data sets.
  5. Click the Scatter Plot toolbar button to create a scatter plot.
  6. Select "Color by" and choose the partition property to color the plot points.
  7. To select the colors, click Plot Symbols, and set the Min and Max colors.

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