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KNIME doesn't start, and produces error messages:

WARN HelpView No html browser for node description available.
ERROR Activator Error: Dynamic Library not loaded/found, cannot use Schrödinger 2D Renderer message='no canvas2dGen in java.library.path'
WARN Activator Canvas 2D Maestro Renderer is not loaded
WARN Activator Canvas 2D Sd Renderer is not loaded
WARN Activator Canvas 2D Smiles Renderer is not loaded

What is the problem?

These sorts of errors can occur if you have Schrödinger environment variables set that do not point to the current installation, such as MMSHARE_EXEC and REMOTE_MMSHARE_EXEC. You should check your script startup files (e.g. .bashrc) to ensure that you are not setting these variables. If you were setting these variables to use Jaguar in parallel with MPICH (which was recommended in an earlier release), you no longer need to do so. Jaguar has not used MPICH for several years, and now uses OpenMP for parallelization instead.

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