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Where can I find a list of all the documentation?

There are two lists of documents in your software installation, in the docs directory. One is an HTML document that has links to all the documentation, including the Knime Extensions node descriptions and the Python API documentation. The other is a PDF document that has links to all the PDF manuals.

To open the HTML documentation index from Maestro:

  • 2014-4 on: Choose Help → Documentation Index
  • 2014-3 and 2014-2: Choose Help → Manuals Index
  • Earlier releases: Choose Help → Online Help, then in the Getting Help topic, click on the HTML manuals index link.

To open the HTML documentation index outside Maestro:

  • Open Documentation_Index.html in your browser. This file is in the docs subdirectory of your software installation.
  • On Windows, choose Start → All Programs → Schrodinger-release → Manuals.

To open the PDF manuals index outside Maestro:

  • Open Manuals_Index.pdf in your PDF reader.

The PDF manuals index is not available from Maestro from the 2014-2 release onward, due to problems with its use on Linux and Mac platforms. For earlier releases you can choose Help → Manuals Index to open it, but you are likely to encounter the problems just mentioned with its use.

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