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How do I obtain a license for my Schrödinger software?

Instructions for obtaining a license are given on the page Obtaining a License.

Briefly, in order to issue license keys for your Schrödinger software, we must first have some information about the computing system on which you have installed the software. This information is automatically generated by a program called machid.

  • On Windows, this information is stored in the file schrodinger_machinfo.txt on your Desktop when you install the software.
  • On Linux, this information is displayed in the terminal window when you do the installation.
  • On Mac, a README.license file is generated in the installation folder with this information. Use Go to Folder in Finder (⇧⌘G) and enter /opt/schrodinger/release in the text box to open the installation folder.

To obtain your license, use the link above, and supply the machine information when requested.

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