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When I try to run a job on Windows, I get an editor window that contains a script instead. What can I do?

This happens because the file association for script files is set to open them in an editor, rather than to execute them. You should make sure that files with the extension sh, py, and pyc are not opened in an editor by default. You should also ensure that files that do not have an association are not opened in a default application.

If you edit any of the scripts used to run jobs, you should ensure that you do not choose to always open the script with the chosen editor application. Selecting this option creates an association of the extension with the application, and scripts will open in the editor instead of running, and as a result, jobs will not run. If you do create this association, you must remove it or reset it to allow jobs to run.

To reset the association for shell scripts (.sh) to the correct association, shift-right-click on any shell script, and choose Open With. Browse to the unxutils folder in the Schrödinger software installation and select sh.exe. Ensure that you have selected the option to always use this application to open the file, so that the association is permanently set.

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