Webinar - Efficient Modeling of Polymers for Industrial Applications using Molecular Dynamics

December 9, 2021

Time: 10:00 AM ET 
Speakers: Mohammad Atif Faiz Afzal

Polymer materials are increasingly being used in a wide variety of industries, for example, in aerospace, pharma, consumer packaged goods, electronics, and automotive. This is because polymer materials are typically easy to process and can make the devices lighter and flexible. Furthermore, we can obtain desirable mechanical and thermophysical properties for specific applications by changing and controlling polymer chemistry. However, the scope of chemical space exploration and testing in an experimental setup is limited. Modeling and simulation of polymer systems provide an accelerated means of characterization and design of new polymer materials. We generally think of simulations as a tool that provides immediate value in obtaining properties, but the key value of simulations is that it allows for efficient interaction between collaborators and aid in the discovery and design of next-generation innovative polymer systems. In this presentation, I will present several case studies that demonstrate such key benefits in the above-mentioned polymer industries. 


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