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While the world continues to navigate its way amid the uncertainty brought about by COVID-19, Schrödinger is committed to supporting your activities and helping you continue your research workflows as seamlessly as possible. Below we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions and resources. Please reach out to your local Schrödinger account manager, application scientist or email us at with any additional questions and concerns.

1. I was looking forward to attending one of Schrödinger’s scientific presentations at a conference, but the event was cancelled. Are recordings of those planned presentations available?
  • Yes, as part of Schrödinger’s Summer of Science Series all of the planned presentations and posters from events and user group meetings cancelled this year will be made available free to view on-demand throughout the summer. To learn more and register for this series visit:
2. Will my hosted licenses or cloud services be impacted?
  • Schrödinger is committed to meeting its service level agreements for our cloud services and license servers. We’ve designed our Cloud Infrastructure for maximum availability and resilience. We have robust capacity management processes to provide service scalability. We do not expect any disruption to hosted licenses or to our cloud service.
3. How can I get updates from Schrödinger on COVID-19 related issues?
  • Schrödinger will disseminate any important service notifications via your standard account contacts and communication channels. For technical Customer Support, click here. If you have any other questions or concerns regarding COVID-19, please channel these through your existing Application Science and Account Management teams that you use for all other business communications.
4. I’m stuck at home, working remotely. Are there any resources available to help me get up and running?
5. I feel like collaboration is suffering now that my team is all remote. How is Schrödinger managing its research projects and helping its employees remain connected?
6. I’d like to learn more about using computational modeling and aid my experimental work when I get back to the lab. Where do I get started?
  • We have libraries of documentation and of training videos, which you can find here: Tutorials, Videos, and more
  • Schrödinger’s Online Course is a flexible way to learn how industry-leading computational molecular modeling tools are used to aid in drug discovery and design and how to incorporate these tools into your research project. You gain hands-on experience with Schrödinger's Maestro and LiveDesign, and receive a certificate of completion at the end of the 4 week course
7. How is Schrödinger helping the response to COVID-19?
  • Schrödinger, Takeda Pharmaceutical, Novartis, Gilead and WuXi Apptec are all contributing to a joint, long-term, philanthropic research alliance, which is seeking to develop an antiviral therapy for COVID-19. Along with computational modeling using our physics-based platform, Schrödinger is also providing its informatics platform LiveDesign, which is being used as the central interface to allow scientists at the different companies to seamlessly collaborate as well as contribute ideas and experimental data.


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      May 26th - Webinar - Computer-aided Formulation Development for Small Molecule Drugs and Biologics

      May 27th - Webinar - Schrödinger's 2020 New Features

      May 28th - Webinar - Platformizaton of Molecular Design

      Starting May 4th - Virtual Conference - The Schrödinger Summer of Science Series

      • Join us this summer at the Schrödinger Summer of Science Series, a virtual conference featuring on-demand presentations, posters, expert Q&A sessions, and more. Full Agenda >

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      March 17th - Webinar - An Introduction to Structure-based Drug Design (recording)

      March 19th - Webinar - Structure-based Vaccine Design using Schrödinger’s Biologics Modeling Suite (recording)

      April 16th - Webinar - Polymer Innovation with Computational Chemistry (recording)

      April 27th - Webinar - India Life Sciences Series (recording)

      April 28th - Webinar - European Molecular Modelling Series  (recording)


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