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How do I install the Schrödinger KNIME extensions from a new Schrödinger suite into my standalone KNIME installation?

Use the KNIME interface to install the extensions (Help → Install New Software), as described in Installing and Updating KNIME Extensions. The latest update site for Knime 3.x is available from and for Knime 4.0 please use The zipped update sites are also available under the Schrodinger installation folder under $SCHRODINGER/knime-<version>/data directory where $SCHRODINGER is the installation folder where the Schrodinger Suite is installed. However please note that the zipped update sites do not contain the extentions compatible for Knime 4.0 at the moment.

You can check the compatibility in Article 1111 before adding the extensions to a standalone KNIME installation. For instance, starting with the 2017-1 release, the extensions are no longer compatible with KNIME 2.12.

When you have obtained an update site, you can use it to install the Schrödinger KNIME extensions into your standalone KNIME installation.

You must also install the corresponding Schrödinger software release (which you can obtain here) and set up the environment (see Article 1696). The extensions will not work without a Schrödinger software installation.

You can use the command-line script to install extensions. Use the following command to find out how to use the script:

$SCHRODINGER/run -FROM knime -h

This script is included in the Schrödinger installation, and can also be downloaded from

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