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Can I run Maestro on a remote machine and display to my local machine?

You can display from a remote machine to your local machine in several ways.

  • You can use NX (from to display from Linux to Linux, Windows or Macintosh machines. The NX server must be installed on the Linux machine that you want to run on, and the client installed on your local machine. We recommend that you install VirtualGL (version 2.5.2 or newer) on the Linux machine, and run Maestro with the command
    vglrun $SCHRODINGER/maestro

    This will improve the display performance of Maestro.

  • If you want to run Maestro on a Windows machine and display to Linux, you can use rdesktop to connect from the local Linux machine to the remote Windows machine, and run Maestro.
  • If the local machine has an X server that has the GLX and OpenGL extensions, you can use X forwarding directly. First, you must start the X server, then open a terminal window and connect to your remote machine with ssh -X, and then start Maestro. The display is forwarded to your local machine. Recent Macintosh computers have an X server with these capabilities. On Windows, you can use the Exceed X server with the Exceed3D module (from Hummingbird). The display performance should be good, particularly if you have hardware-accelerated OpenGL on your local graphics card.

Remember that remote display is affected by network traffic and bandwidth, so it is recommended to display locally whenever possible.

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