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Can I specify a release-independent licenses directory on Linux with the SCHROD_LICENSE_FILE environment variable?

Starting with the 2015-4 release, our software supports the use of a release-independent licenses directory /opt/schrodinger/licenses in which licenses files with file extension .lic can be placed.

The Configure Schrodinger Software application ($SCHRODINGER/utilities/configure) can be used to install licenses in this location. If this directory doesn't exist, a release-dependent '$SCHRODINGER/licenses' directory will be used instead.

If you are already setting the SCHROD_LICENSE_FILE to some other release-independent license location, you can continue doing so. If you are pointing SCHRODINGER_LICENSE_FILE to a license file, we recommend pointing it to a licenses directory instead, and placing your license file in that directory with a .lic extension. You should not use the Configure Schrodinger Software application to install new licenses; instead, new license files (e.g., generated with the License Retrieval Assistant as for pre-2015-4 licenses) can be placed manually into the licenses directory with a .lic extension. Then the Configure Schrodinger Software application can be used to stop and start the server and check the license status.

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