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I get an error about permissions and locking when running a job on a Mac or Linux. What can I do to fix it?

The following errors can happen when running a job on a Mac or Linux if you are not the owner of the /tmp/mmjob.lock directory:

ERROR Lock directory /tmp/mmjob.lock is not writable
The following issues with file permissions were detected:
The directory '/tmp/mmjob.lock' has wrong permissions (it should be readable and writable by everyone)
The directory '/tmp/mmjob.lock' could not be opened

This problem occurs in releases from the 2015-2 release to the 2016-1 release (inclusive), due to changes in job control software: the permissions on this directory should be set so it is writable by all users. The problem can be fixed for all users if the owner of this directory or the administrator runs the following command in a terminal window:

chmod 0777 /tmp/mmjob.lock

If you are the owner of this directory, you may see a warning message about the permissions problem, but your job will still run. However, you should run the above command so that the jobs of other users do not fail.

If the permissions appear to be correct, yet you continue to get failures to launch jobs to remote machines, please also check that your remote configuration is working by using the Configuration application. It is possible that the ssh keys that facilitate communication are corrupt or invalid (perhaps due to IT changes). If necessary, regenerate them in the Configure Schrodinger Software application and ensure that the remote connection tests pass.

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