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Maestro crashed immediately upon start up. The beginning of the message in the Maestro_error.txt file is: DISPLAY GRAPHICS Unable to determine graphics What is the problem?

This error message can occur for a variety of problems, but is likely to be due to the graphics card that you have on the machine on which you are running Maestro. Maestro is an OpenGL application that uses graphics capabilities extensively and does not work or perform well with low-end cards. Recent graphics cards are usually adequate, but older cards, including onboard integrated video cards, may have problems displaying OpenGL applications (not just Maestro). The best solution is to upgrade your computer, or install a high quality graphics card with an up-to-date graphics driver.

To check whether the problem is with the graphics card, run Maestro with the -SGL option. If it runs, then the graphics card is the source of the problem.

If you are running Maestro on a remote server, the graphics card on the server must be able to send OpenGL instructions to the local display host, so you must have adequate graphics cards on both the remote server and the local host. We recommend that you run Maestro locally whenever possible, to take full advantage of the graphics card.

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