Mathew D. Halls, Senior Vice President of Materials Science, is responsible for leading the materials science program at Schrödinger. Prior to joining Schrödinger in 2012, he was a senior scientist and account manager at Materials Design, Inc. and Accelrys, Inc. Before that he held the prestigious E.R. Davidson Fellowship in theoretical chemistry at Indiana University and earlier was the Manager of the Scientific Simulation and Modeling Group at Zyvex Corporation. Mat has worked with Fortune 500 companies to advance the adoption of atomic-scale materials modeling techniques in diverse industries including aerospace, electronics and specialty chemicals. He has made significant research contributions in areas such as computational spectroscopy, organic optoelectronic materials, nanocarbon-polymer interfaces, thin-film precursors and deposition processes and battery electrolyte additives; with his work being cited more than 5000 times.

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