System Requirements


Operating System

Linux (See System Requirements for more information)


GPGPU Requirements

(General-purpose computing on graphics processing units)


We support the following NVIDIA solutions:

Achritecture Server / HPC Workstation

Tesla M40

Tesla M60


Tesla P40

Tesla P100

Quadro P5000

Tesla V100



Tesla T4

Quadro RTX 5000


Tesla A100

RTX A4000

RTX A5000



  • Support for the Tesla K20, and Tesla K40 and Tesla K80 cards is deprecated. While we still expect our GPGPU codes to run, NVIDIA has deprecated support for these cards in the CUDA 11.2 toolkit.



  • We support only the NVIDIA 'recommended / certified / production branch' Linux drivers for these cards with minimum CUDA version 12.0.

  • Standard support does not cover consumer-level GPU cards such as GeForce GTX cards.

  • If you already have another NVIDIA GPGPU and would like to know if we have experience with it, please contact our support at


MD Compatible Systems

NOTE: The minimum is not necessarily the optimum hardware configuration, particularly if you are planning to run large modeling jobs.