Maestro is the culmination of years of research and development. By working closely with our users, Maestro was created to be the user environment that is both intuitive and allows our users to get work done efficiently.

To help you quickly get acquainted with Maestro, we have put together an eight-part series in which we demonstrate and explain the tools. Each fast-paced session includes a recorded webinar and an annotated guide, so you can follow along or practice the exercises on your own.

Maestro Quick Start Guide

Get started with the on-line step-by-step Quick Start Guide

An Introduction to Maestro

An overview of the philosophy behind Maestro, and an introduction to its tools.

Selecting and Styling

Learn how to create selections and visualize structures in Maestro.

Tools within Maestro

Learn how to find the tools you need - and create your own Favorites toolbar.

Workspace Navigator

Learn how to use structures in the Workspace, browse them, and find and modify individual substructures.

Workspace Configuration and Status Bar

Learn how to quickly modify features of the Workspace and use the Status Bar to understand your structures.

3D Builder

Learn how to build and edit structures in the 3D Workspace.

Hierarchical Project Table

Learn how to organize your project with nested groups in the Project Table.

Cool Tips & Tricks

Learn how to change the display of ribbons and surfaces, edit overlaid structures, and more!