Quick Start Guide: Exercise 12


Making Measurements in the 3D Workspace

Use the Measure button on the Favorites toolbar to check distances and angles in the Workspace.

Entering Measurement mode

  • Click Measure on the Favorites toolbar; a banner will appear

Measuring lengths and distances

With the distance option selected in the banner:
  • Pick two bonded atoms in the Workspace; the bond length will appear beside the bond
  • Pick two non-bonded atoms; the measurement value will appear between them

Measuring angles and dihedrals

  • In the banner, change the measurement option to angle
  • Pick three atoms in the Workspace, with the second atom at the center of the angle; the angle measurement will appear
  • Now change the option in the banner to dihedral
  • Pick four atoms, in order; the dihedral measurement will appear

Exiting measurement mode

  • Click the Done button on the banner to exit the special picking mode (Cancel will discard the measurements)

Reviewing measurements

  • Hover over the Measurements toggle in the Workspace Configuration Toolbar until the ... icon appears
  • Click the ... to open the Measurements pane
  • Review the length and distance measurements you made, then click the "Angle" and "Dihedral" tabs to review those measurements as well

Hiding measurements in the Workspace

  • Click the Measurements toggle in the Workspace Configuration Toolbar to temporarily hide all measurements

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