Quick Start Guide: Exercise 14


Workspace Gadgets

Explore some of the gadgets that offer extra information about structures in the Workspace.

Using Workspace Properties

Entry properties appear in the top left corner of the Workspace. To change those properties:

  • Left-click on the current Workspace Properties text; a dialog will open
  • In the Change Workspace Properties dialog:
    • Click the Add button
    • Choose Entry Name from the properties list; it will immediately appear in the Workspace
    • Click Add again to close the list, then use the Up arrow at the right to move the new property above the other properties
    • Click the Close button to close the dialog
  • To hide the properties from view, right-click the text and choose Hide from the menu
  • To show the properties again, move your mouse into the corner of the Workspace until a dimmed version of the text appears, then left-click on the text

Using the 2D Overlay

The 2D Overlay appears at the bottom left corner of the Workspace, offering a 2D representation of the small molecules currently displayed in the Workspace.
  • Double-click the 2D Overlay to locate the ligand in the Workspace
  • To hide the gadget, right-click it and choose Hide 2D Overlay from the menu
  • To show it again:
    • Click the + button on the Workspace Configuration Toolbar to open the Workspace Configuration Panel
    • In the Workspace Gadgets section of the Workspace Configuration Panel, click the 2D Overlay toggle

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