Cool Tips and Tricks for Working with Maestro

Changing the Workspace View

These topics were covered briefly in earlier Workshops, but they are collected here with a little more detail.

Advanced Camera View Options

Changing the view automatically

You may - or may not - want the view to change automatically when a new structure is included in the Workspace. There are three options available, all found in the Fit area of the Selection Toolbar:

  • Auto-fit to Workspace. If you want the view to change to show all the displayed atoms in the Workspace, toggle the AUTO button on. Make sure the LIGAND button is off.
  • Auto-fit to ligand. To automatically fit to the ligand instead, toggle both the AUTO button and the LIGAND button on.
  • No auto-fitting. To turn off auto-fitting, toggle the AUTO button off. This will save your last setting (Workspace or ligand), so you can easily switch between no fitting and your preferred fitting mode with one click.

Using the Heads-Up Display (HUD)

If your regular mouse actions aren’t working for you - whether you’re in Move Atoms mode or on a laptop with no mouse - try holding down the spacebar and using this tool instead. To rotate the view, put your mouse over the Rotate button, then press and drag. Translate and Zoom work the same way. You can change freely from one action to another - just remember to keep holding down the spacebar until you are done.

Note: If the display doesn’t come up when you press the spacebar, click into the Workspace (or on the Favorites Bar) and try again.

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