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Task Tool: Finding What You Need

The Tasks button is located in the Selection Toolbar, at the far right of the screen. Click to access all your scientific tools and many other important Workspace- and project-related actions. The Tasks menu offers a choice of searching by keyword or browsing for an application or task. Once you have opened a tool, it will appear at the top level of the menu, in the Recently Used list.

Browsing the Tasks

Browse pane

Click "< Browse" in the Tasks menu to open the Browse pane. Most of the items listed are Task groupings, with Applications at the right.


When a blue highlight appears under your mouse in the Browse pane, this item is an action: you can click it to launch the corresponding task panel or otherwise initiate the action. Before clicking, if you want more information about the action, hold your mouse over the item and look at the bottom of the pane. Some text will appear, explaining what the tool is and how it works.

Note: Each action also has a star that can be clicked to mark the action as a favorite.


When you see an arrow and a faint gray highlight under your mouse, this item is a category. Clicking it will open a pane with related actions. If this pane doesn't include the action you are looking for, click the big arrow in the top left corner to return to the main Browse pane.

Searching for Tasks

Search text and keywords

Click on the word "Search" at the top of the Tasks menu and start typing. If matching keywords appear, click on one to immediately run the search. Otherwise, press Enter on the keyboard.

Tip: Clicking the small gray X button clears the search text. (You may need to click twice if search results are showing.)

Search results

The search results are ordered by most commonly used and best match. Put your mouse over an action to expand the displayed description. Click to trigger the action.

Using Recently Used and Favorite Actions

Recently used list

To access a tool that you have used recently, look in the Tasks menu, just below Browse. Click the action to trigger it.

Note: These items are just shortcuts to the standard actions - no additional inputs or settings are stored.

Marking a favorite action

When you put your mouse over an action - in the Recently Used list, Search Results, or Browse pane - a small star-shaped outline will appear. Click that star to mark the action as a Favorite.

Tip: If the star appears bright and filled in, the action has been marked as a Favorite. Click the star again to clear the favored status.

Using a favorite action

When an action has been starred, it appears at the end of the Favorites bar, immediately above the Workspace. Click the action to trigger it.

Tip: You can rearrange favorites by dragging them, one at a time. Right-click to delete.

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