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Workspace Navigator Panel

As noted above, the Workspace Navigator is a single panel with two parts: the Entry List and the Structure Hierarchy. Each part can be viewed separately. Once you have included the entries you want to work with, you can collapse the Entry List pane and allow the Structure Hierarchy to take up the entire height. Or if you are working with a series of individual molecules, one at a time, you may want to close the Structure Hierarchy and let the Entry List fill the space. You can also adjust the relative height of the two sections, manually or with a double-click, as described below.

Working with the Panel

Adjusting the relative heights

Move your mouse pointer over the top border of the Structure Hierarchy header until it changes as shown. Then press and drag to adjust the height of the Structure Hierarchy, or double-click to set the height of both sections to 50%.

Closing a section

To close one of the two sections of the panel, click on the flattened rectangle at the right edge of the header. The other section will expand to fill the available space.

To restore the section to its previous height, click the open rectangle that appears at the same location.

Floating the panel

Click the double-window icon at the top of the Workspace Navigator to turn the entire panel into a floating window. Once it is floating, it will stay above the Workspace, and you can move it wherever you want. To return it to its docked position, double-click the title bar.

Tip: If you accidentally close the floating window, you can open it again by choosing Workspace Navigator from the Window menu, or pressing Ctrl+E (Cmd+E) on your keyboard.

Tip: If you want to use the Structure Hierarchy with the Project Table on a second monitor, close the Entry List and float the Workspace Navigator.

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