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Sep 10

Structure-based Anti-Viral Design using Schrödinger’s Biologics Modeling Suite

Dr. Jianxin Duan

Schrödinger Fellow

Since prehistoric time, virus infection has been a threat to human health. Modulation of immune response is one of the successful approaches to prevent and treat infection. Vaccines provide sustained protective immunity by stimulating immune response of the host. Originally, vaccine design was centered around the isolate-inactivate-inject paradigm. In recent years, advances in structural biology and other technologies have introduced the era of rational vaccine design in which recombinant protein antigens are modified to achieve desired properties. Antiviral antibodies treat infections by rapidly removing virus particles and infected cells. Structure-based design of antibodies plays an important role in improving crucial biochemical properties such as affinity and aggregation. During this webinar, we show how Schrödinger's biologics modeling suite can be used in the engineering of protein antigens and antibodies to improve safety, efficacy, and developability of the therapeutic agents. 

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