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What stereo viewing methods are available in Maestro, and how do I access the stereo controls?

Maestro supports the following stereo methods:

  • Wall-eyed and cross-eyed stereo. These methods do not need any special hardware and so can be used on all supported machines. A device that allows each eye to see only one image may be useful.
  • Quad-buffered hardware stereo. In order to use this hardware stereo option, your machine must have the appropriate graphics card and driver installed. This stereo method is not supported on Mac computers.
  • Interlaced stereo. This method only requires a special monitor, and is supported on all platforms.
  • Anaglyph stereo. This method uses color to display in stereo, and only requires red-cyan glasses, which are readily available.

The stereo viewing controls are available in the 3D tab of the Appearance panel, which you open with View → 3D Options. These controls include swapping of stereo images.

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